Thank you for your interest in our Church!

Church of the Atonement is supported entirely by volunteers. We have no paid staff members. For couples being married in the Church, this means that we are not able to provide real time, on-site coordination of your wedding activities. Our volunteers are active and committed to maintaining the beauty and simplicity of our historic chapel.

We expect all wedding couples, and their guests, to share in that commitment. Church of the Atonement is available to you for your wedding rehearsal and for the wedding ceremony. The Church and Church grounds may not be used for receptions. The Annex, with restrooms and an open room, are available for the wedding party or family to gather before the ceremony if you wish.

For your convenience, we’ve provided a PDF document that contains both the Rehearsal & Ceremony Guidelines and the Wedding Request Form. Click the button below to open the PDF.

Rehearsal & Ceremony Guidelines

No alcohol is to be consumed on the grounds during either the rehearsal or the wedding, with the exception of communion wine during the Eucharist.

Atonement Volunteers’ Responsibilities:

  1. Scheduling the dates for your wedding rehearsal and ceremony.

  2. Contacting the Bishop of the Diocese of Fond du Lac to introduce you as a couple to be married at the Church of the Atonement, and providing you with the necessary information to obtain approval to proceed.

  3. Ensuring the church is cleaned before your wedding rehearsal.

  4. Providing altar supplies including: candles, communion wafers, communion wine, requisite linens.

Your Responsibilities:

  1. Following up with your pastor and the Bishop of Fond du Lac to complete all the forms and necessary steps to be married in the church. Final approval for use of the space will not be given until the Bishop approves your marriage.

  2. Arranging all the details for your rehearsal and ceremony including any help with on-site logistics on the days of the rehearsal and ceremony.

  3. Providing any floral arrangements you wish, in your own vases, to be removed following the wedding.

  4. Arranging for musician(s). We can make organist recommendations if needed. Organist will need to arrange access to the organ with the Church of the Atonement.

  5. Handling any cleaning/sprucing up that is needed after the wedding rehearsal and before the wedding ceremony.

  6. Removing any items such as programs, Kleenex or other things left after the wedding so that the Church is ready for Sunday morning services. Church services are held on Sunday mornings at 8 and 10 a.m.

  7. Making a donation to Church of the Atonement for use of the church. Suggested amount is $500.

  8. Note that parking in the area can be challenging. Consider off-site parking and the use of Door County Trolley.

Wedding Request Form

Again, open the PDF by clicking the button below. Please download and fill out the Request Form to the best of your ability.

Mail to:
Church of the Atonement
P.O. Box 241
Fish Creek, WI 54212

Once we receive and review your request, our wedding coordinator will respond to you.