Before studying to become an Episcopal priest, Rev. Jim Trainor started out as a novelist and received his doctorate in physics, working at the Argonne National Laboratory, near Chicago. For two decades he lived in the world of experimental physics, heading back to his home state of California, then to Los Alamos, New Mexico, where he served as deputy division leader for physics. His love for writing found its way into over sixty scientific articles in physics journals. Eventually, however, Jim was called to ordained ministry and served parishes in New Mexico, Texas and Wisconsin.

Jim notes, “I was often asked how someone trained in a field so rational, analytical and solid as physics could embrace something so intuitive, fuzzy and ancient as religion.” The answer can be found in his book, Grasp: Making Sense of Science and Spirituality.

Jim and his wife Mary have three grown children. They currently live on a small wooded lake in central Wisconsin, where they enjoy kayaking, hiking and outdoor photography.