The Rev. Dr. Scott Stoner is the creator of the Living Compass Faith and Wellness Ministry, a comprehensive, parish-based wellness ministry that provides a wide range of educational and small-group resources for adults, teens, parents, and congregations.

Scott also serves as the Director of the Nicholas Center, a joint ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago and the Living Compass Faith and Wellness Ministry. The core focus of the Nicholas Center is to offer programs that promote the integration of leadership and wellness. These are the very things that Scott has focused on in his thirty-four years of ministry as an Episcopal priest, retreat leader, spiritual director, pastoral counselor, and as a rector.

Scott’s ministry has also had a special focus on clergy and clergy family wellness. He has provided coaching and counseling to hundreds of clergy and clergy families. Having served as a rector himself, he knows the unique joys and the unique pressures that clergy and their families face.

Scott’s book, Your Living Compass: Living Well in Thought, Word, and Deed, published by Church publishing in 2014, has been widely endorsed by leaders across the church.